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What is the 80 PLUS® Program?
80 PLUS is an innovative program to get power factor corrected, energy efficient power supplies into desktop computers and desktop-derived servers. Power supplies are the devices that convert AC power from utilities into DC power used in most electronics. Efficiency levels for conventional computer power supplies range from 60% to 70%.

The 80 PLUS program requires that the power supply for a desktop computer or desktop-derived server be at least 80% efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% operating loads, and have a power factor of 0.9 or better at full rated load. On average, 80 PLUS qualified power supplies reduce computer energy use by 15% to 25%. This translates to annual savings of approximately 85 kWh per year in desktop computers and 300 kWh per year in desktop-derived servers.

Reduced Heat Output Means Greater Reliability
Heat is one of the leading causes of semiconductor failure, with semiconductor junction failure rates doubling for every 10 degrees Celsius rise in temperature. For this reason, power supplies with excess heat output are less reliable themselves and can lower the reliability of the entire computer. In fact, estimates by Power Electronics Strategies show that the improved power quality and lower operating temperatures of 80 PLUS qualified power supplies can increase their reliability by 40% over conventional, non-power factor corrected power supplies. Considering the combined costs associated with IT repairs and lost productivity can exceed $100 per incident, 80 PLUS qualified power supplies offer corporations and large procuring organizations a way to prevent unwanted downtime.

In sum, the efficiency and reliability of 80 PLUS qualified power supplies can help system integrators and computer resellers reduce warranty costs, reduce service calls, and improve total cost of ownership.

Run Cool. Run Reliably. Run with 80 PLUS®

The benefits of 80 PLUS at a glance:

Reduced Heat Output
• Increases computer system reliability by 40%, reducing costly repairs and lost worker productivity.

• Reduces a building’s cooling load, which saves customers money on their electricity bill and creates a more comfortable office setting.

• Minimizes the need for noisy PC fans, which makes for a quieter office environment.

Energy Savings
• Reduces total cost of ownership, saving an estimated $25- 30 over the life of computer and $100 over t he life of servers.

• Reduces heat output and noise within the computer/server, minimizing obtrusiveness in office environments and decreasing a building’s AC load.

• Reduces energy losses throughout the entire distribution system.

Improved Power Quality
• Improved power quality lowers stress on semiconductor components in the power supply,
improving product reliability.

• Higher power factor reduces current draw, which means that more computers can be placed on the same branch circuit.

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