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MoDT (Mobile on Desktop)
Using laptop components to build Desktop applications that provides small form
factor, low energy usage, quieter and puts out less heat.

Key Selling points

  1. Small - 6.5”. X 6.1” footprint, 1.89” height. Ultra small foot print saves desk space and fits where a traditional PC cannot
  2. Mounting – Mounts to the back of VESA compatible LCD monitors with wing
    brackets. 3 different styles of brackets available for all solutions needs.
  3. Thermal and Shock/Vibration enhancements.
    • Operating Temperature (-10 ~ 55 °C) (14 ~ 131 °F)
    • Vibration: Operating 0.45Grms, 10~500Hz
    • Vibration: non-Operating 2Grms, 10~300Hz
    • Shock: Operating Half Sine, 8G, 11ms
    • Shock: non-Operating Half Sine, 50G, 11ms
  4. Low energy consumption - 65 watts (most desktop units use 275 to 400 watts)
    By using as little as 90 watts of electricity the savings on 100 units is:
    $8,426 over 3 years running 365 days per year and 9.5 hours per day
    $21,287 over 3 years running 365 days per year and 24 hours per day
  5. Low heat output - Can fit into small areas and applications without overheating.
  6. Quiet - 25 db (library measured at 29db) Use high traffic areas with little noise

Key applications

  • Digital Signage
  • Point of Sale
  • Kiosk
  • Point of Care (Medical)
  • Anywhere space is an issue

High-speed network LAN - The high-speed Gigabit 1000Mb network connecting port is also be compatible with the traditional 10/100Mb networks.

Digital video interface (DVI) - Through its high-resolution digital video output port, it can generate highresolution and high-quality video data. When using a new generation LCD monitor, you will personally experience the unprecedented display quality for the transmitted digital signals. Meanwhile, the digital video output port can also support any model of LCD or CRT via the attached adapter.

TV signal output- The S-Video connector allows you to flexibly make use of your home TV set or monitor.

HDTV-For consumers who have high-definition TV it provides even more stunning viewing delights through the Y/Pb/Pr connector.

Dual screen display- Can simultaneously support two monitors, enabling you to surf the Web pages and watch TV programs at the same time, or enjoy entertainment while you are working.

High capacity DVD±RW / CD-RW burner (not included)- A slim line DVD±RW / CD-RW burner can be installed for storage and transfer of data.

High-speed USB 2.0 port- Provides four (two front and two rear) universal serial bus input/output ports at the back to expand the connectivity with peripheral equipment.

IEEE1394 serial bus port - The high-speed serial bus port to connect to the typical peripherals like digital video recorder, high-speed hard disk drives, etc. With the above high-speed USB 2.0 port


Where to Buy


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