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Voyageur Storage Server A storage solution for the long haul

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VoyStor Management Software
Features Benefits
High Data Throughput Optimized Storage Software, 1GbE, TOE-, Infiniband, Intel® I/O AT, Fibre Channel and Multi-CPU Support, Bonding
High Security Data Synchronization (Cross), Software RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6, Snapshot with Scheduling, integrated Anti-Virus, Dynamic Disk, Local Backup Scheduling, built- in Agents for Backup-Software, OS on USB-DOM to minimize Downtime, Network UPS Support
High Flexibility Support for all leading SCSI, Serial SCSI, IDE and Serial ATA Controllers, NICs and Networking Chipsets, built-in iSCSI Initiator, support for Online Capacity Expansion
Easy Management Web-based GUI, Password-Quota, Windows Active Directory Support, ACL, LDAP, Support for Network Information Service (NIS), ADS & NIS User-/Group ID (NIS), ADS & SNMP Support, Online Logical Volume Expansion, USB Storage Support

In today’s workplace data flows like water and builds up even faster. IT professionals at large corporations and small businesses alike struggle to meet storage demands, endlessly chasing down solutions to deal with the mounting data, or worse having to discard potentially valuable data in the interest of saving space.

Good news, IT guys! The Voyageur Storage Server has arrived to solve all your problems.

Depending on the model, a fully loaded Voyageur Storage Server boasts 8 or 16TB of active disk space and thanks to the hot-swappable drive bays, it’s a scalable solution that can rotate in fresh storage media as you grow.

Available in 2U and 3U configurations, the Voyageur Storage Server was designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing network infrastructure, delivering advanced functionality and performance, while providing maximum availability and data integrity. With high-volume data transfer speeds, large projects can be backed up or unarchived without slowing productivity.

A data bank that won’t break the bank

The Voyageur Storage server is available in two affordable models. The standard VoyStor1000 features 8 hard drive bays and supports up to 8TB while the premium VoyStor2000 can support 16TB in its 16 drive bays. The hard drives are hot-swappable and can be removed with the touch of a button for replacement or adding capacity.

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